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Hebei Qingxian Shuangchen Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. (SCM) is a manufacturer of galvanizing pot design, production and sales services. Focus on zinc pot manufacturing for 20 years. The original business place (Tianjin Chenyu Zinc Pot Manufacturing Co., Ltd.) was moved to Qingxian County, Hebei Province. The company has maintained close cooperation with Angang Group for a long time. From the collection, transportation, storage, processing, manufacture and inspection of raw materials for zinc pot, the company can achieve mass production, timely delivery, traceability of raw materials, and the technology is reliable and quality assured by the authoritative tripartite inspection and certification.
Based on the concept of sincere manufacturing, users first, never forget the original intention, with down-to-earth style, with sophisticated grinding technology, with the spirit of innovation and integration, we hope to make our due contribution to the galvanizing industry in China and provide the best service for every customer.


Address:Juedaozhuang Industrial Zone, Qingxian County, Hebei Province, China
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